Founding the Second School

Our schools and college works perfectly for some, but for many others math class is not a positive experience.  We believe that any negative experience is not due to mathematics or to the individual, but rather due to accidental factors.

Our goal is to re-establish a sense of self-directed inquiry about those elementary notions foundational to higher mathematics.

Two steps are involved.  The first is to learn how to write about topics in core non-STEM.  Learning to write about these topics can lead to a transformation in one’s perception about the relevance of topics.  An opening between mathematics and other disciplines is quite natural.

The second school promotes an opening into other disciplines.  How this is done is part of the mystery of what we see beginning to happen.


Online and Face-to-Face learning media

Deep Learning Methods are introduced to students when they are enrolled in a college level non-STEM math course.  A subscription fee of 55 dollars per week enrolls you in a social media specifically designed to support your study of your freshman course.

Registration is free: send name, preferred email address and comment about which math course you are concerned about.

We are developing with WordPress, Visual Composer, and Drupal.  Please contact Paul Stephen Prueitt at


if you wish to help.

Founding the SecondSchool network

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